There are endless blogs about microphones. Each one suits one person and not another. It depends what the mic is being used for and the tone of the voice being recorded.

I seem to have built up a selection of mics, some expensive (a Neumann and a tube Rode) and some cheap. But I always seem to come back to the same mic which seems to suit any job I do. It’s a Rode NT1A. This is an inexpensive mic that I bought when I was starting out for £150. I have a deep voice and with close mic work it can make the voice shake the speakers. Back off and it picks me up. Shouty shouty and it copes brilliantly.

Maybe I should just buy another one as a backup and forget about constantly wasting money on trying out new mics that I rarely use!

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  • Dustin Ebaugh on

    I agree David! I have tried numerous mics costing more than $1000 or $2000. I have now sold them all and have only my two Rodes. I mostly use my NTG-3. However, when I’m doing things that require more dynamic range, I use the NT1A, just like you do. I wish I would have found these mics sooner. Those Aussies are onto something. 🙂

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